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Favorite 5 Miura Wallpaper

fact that only so many of them it’s highly collectible it’s exciting because it’s unusual its small its exotic it’s still exotic today and it was significant in Its. its styling I think it’s the car that put Lamborghini on the map my name is denis varney and i driving a 1970 Lamborghini.

lamborghini miura s Lamborghini owner at the time Was. was a tractor builder and industrialist in Italy.

Italy and he decided he wanted a supercar so he went to Ferrari and Enzo said we can’t build you A. a special car we have special cars and you can have one of mine he wasn’t excited about that so he went out and built his own car one day near the place I was working which was a speech at the time there was a sports car shop and this Lamborghini came in and that was in the 60s and I went over and talked to the guy And. and saw the car I thought can I sit in it could I.

I get a little ride and we went maybe 1/8 of a mile if we went that far and I look from the back I. I saw the car bears I heard the noise and I oh my god and these things were nineteen thousand dollars new in those days I had just bought a house with my wife for eleven thousand dollars in 1966 I said I’ll never be alone one of these so when I could Afford. afford It.

it I found the Scar