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3 Photos Nissan Gtr R33 Wallpaper Good Looking

from that back again for another awesome episode today we’re at rav performance we’re here to check out rob’s skyline r33 gtr this thing is so clean It’s. it’s got to be one of the cleanest r33s i’ve seen in person rob hit us up said he changed the Turbo.

turbo he added nitrous I. i think the car is making north of 850 horsepower on nitrous And. and i got a nice surprise here for rob last time at Our.

our trc street Kings. kings event he competed in our car show and also a rory’s competition he actually won best import in the car show but had to leave before he can get his trophy so we got his trophy for him we got a special little surprise here for you oh yeah you’ve been waiting for this oh yeah my man Yeah. yeah well deserved appreciate it Hell. hell yeah dude all right so you gave us a call you said you made Some. some awesome Changes. changes the car it’s Making.

making more Power.

power so we just had to Come.

come check it out man so let’s let’s Uh. uh let’s take a look and give us the rundown this thing is as clean as ever bro i try try That’s. that’s for sure all right so we Went. went single man yeah yeah we um so i’ve had this turbo for a while um probably a Year.

year or so and um we’re gonna put it in not gonna put it in and put it in not gonna put It