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Top Kia Stinger Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

episode of tv and here is the key to our test car today this is the kia stinger model year 2021 the. kias dinger is a coupe sedan i would rather say so a classic gt gros turismo from the upper middle class segment and i have three competitors for you, none of which really Fit,. fit, but then you can still classify it i don’t think it’s so wrong that we use the opel insignia as the big spurt of the vwa dion and the jaguar xe of the kias things. was presented for the first time in detroit in january 2017 in august 2020 the model is now presented here in 2021 it is being built in south Korea.

korea in the euro ncap crash test it received all five stars in 2017 with the model year 2000 120 has thrown the other engines Out. out of the program there is now only the 3.3 liter v6 and Therefore.

therefore only the gt before there was ei a smaller petrol engine and diesel even as a gt line in connection with the singer they Have.

have slightly revised the car’s appearance in front the full led headlights so a bit Different. different to see it is of course clearer at the rear the rear lights we have a completely different light signature that you can see now First Of. of all, the interior is much more stylish, both obviously the new infotainment system is now also on board, which can do a whole lot, But