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Best Dodge Challenger Wallpaper With 25 Pictures

Enjoying himself, so I thought, why not. Get a cool car and make him. Jealous this week, so I got this hellcat. A car you guys requested hundreds of. Times but it’s quite difficult because. This car, the hellcat, is super rare here. In Europe and that’s because we have to. Co2 taxes, and that means that this car. It is a bit more expensive than over in the. Us but aec Europe, the importer for. Dortch vehicles got this hellcat they. I decided to bring it to Europe and bring. It in full glory we have a very very. Nice spec today except for the color i. Think white with blue racing stripes. It’s not my taste, but who knows. Maybe us people liked it and today. I’m going to find out if it’s as good as. The European performance cars and how. The performance is how it copes with. This 727 horses, I guess horse him a. Horse face is with max in Greece, but I’m. Super excited to drive this car I never. I thought I would get the chance to drive. It’s okay where do we begin. Maybe at the front and you see the new. Hood this is the 2020 model which means. You get the dual snorky hood so you have. These two air inlets and they are not. The only air inlets on this car because. As you can see, there’s an air inlet. Which the hellcat is almost famous for. This one is functional this one isn’t. It’s closed as you oh i. My hands are too thick and there’s a. Third inlet and it’s above the front. Splitter i don’t know exactly where it. Is but i think behind this. Mesh grille you got a srt bags in the.

Front which means street-race technology. Which we are going to do later on and. This is no ordinary hallo cat but this. Is the wide-body as you can see look at. How wide that wheel arches it’s. Absolutely insane and because it’s a. Wide-body you get bigger tires as well. Because normally you get 275 all round. But with the wide-body you get 305. Spirelli p zeros and the european spec. Is a bit different than the us-backed. The u.S. Spec yes it’s cheaper but you. Get more a standard on the European. Version like this wide-body thanks to a. Ec and what I love most about the. Hellcat, just look at that badge how cool. Is that. It’s like they went a completely. Different way than the European brand. When they design a new m car for. Instance with BMW they come up with a. Team of very serious people and they. Think of the names of the the parts and. The transmission for days and they come. Up with mdc-t wow that’s really cool. Look at how serious we are, but this is. So unserious i mean the performance is. Really serious 727 horsepower but it’s. Like they took a group of sophomores. Instead of they’re very serious people. Over at BMW because the wheels for. Instance are called the devil’s wheels. And they are ammonium forged wheels 20. Inch the hellcat name of course is. Supercool hellcat come on and then you. Have to demon and then you have a. Hellcat with more power and it’s called. The red-eye and get a red-eye in there. Like a cat in need for an exorcist but. The same goes for the hood do snarky. Only only a 4 year old can come up with. That name super cool i really like how. This car doesn’t take itself too. Seriously. We also have the srt performance spoiler. This also is. Optional extra in the us but its. Standard over here in Europe the hellcat. Also has abused i’m performance. Suspension kit the brake performance is. Very nice on this car because we have.

Those huge Brembo calipers and discs six. Piston calipers so we have a lot of. Stopping power now let’s take a look at. The going power right there there we. Have a switch which I just found out. Just now you witnessed it let’s see what. That is probably an exhaust how is this. Going to open i have no idea what’s this. Then. There it is the 6.2 Hemi v8 supercharged. And over here in Europe we use ps which. Is a german for Ryan over horsepower. It’s nearly the same this is 727 ps and. It has 889 newton meters of torque which. Makes this car super violent i have. Driven it i’ve done a few cool ways it’s. Super violent i really really like it. Have a cool air intake, so they use this. To get rid of the hot air from the. Engine and it just sucks in all the cool. Air from all the intakes you saw earlier. Fun fact only the right unit is. Functional as you can see the left one. Is closed but it does look really cool. So guys what do you think of the looks. Rate it out of five in the right top. Corner also a great feature press this. Twice oh yeah a remote starter that’s. Something we never got a Europe on. European cars i like it I don’t know why. But i like it I don’t know why you would. Use this maybe because it’s fun and. That’s a very good reason. Now let’s see that. Does anything yeah it closes the valves. Oh thank god I wasn’t driving with the. Valves closed okay so let’s get in. Now the interior this is an okay interior. I think we have an Harman Kardon sound. System again this is as standard in. Europe and not in the us it’s an. Optional extra and we have some great. Seats they even left the tag on so this. Is the highest standard of luxury elmo. Laguna race-inspired high performance. Interiors the leather quality is. Absolutely insane it’s super soft i mean. It’s incredible that you get this in a. Hellcat it’s really really nice and you.