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Top 7 Pictures Subaru Rally Wallpaper

rally car it comes in electric and nitro and we have the nitro version so here’s what’s in the box you got your remote manual you got a couple Stickers. stickers you got some tools so you got batteries for the remote and the car and a couple more stickers and when i seen hp i announced this car i was so Excited.

excited about it because I. i used to play richard burns rally a lot that was uh One. one of my favorite games yeah it’s really cool that hpi made The. the richard burns body look how high it is Off.

off the ground man suspension is pretty soft that’s so Cool. cool so it comes with the g 3.0 high output engine you Got. got your rally spec tires so here’s the tires you can get sway bars so you have you also have aluminum shock towers really nice orange aluminum right here also chassis aluminum Which. which is awesome when You’re. you’re gonna Be.

be offroading you also have the guards right here which is cool and here’s the servo box so it only holds on one clip so this is where you’re you plug in your batteries For. for servo you could also just run a Rechargeable. rechargeable battery but i’m going to run this First.

first and here’s the remote so you got your servo end points right there where you can adjust it so i’m going to go ahead and use the heat gun and we’re going to preheat the engine just To