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embarrassing a human being can drive on today’s roads and in this I’m gonna show you why now before I get started I wanted to tell you how I. I got this Hummer I’ve run it through pearl which is this service I love that lets you run other people’s cars instead of normal boring Rental. rental cars now Toro has given me a budget to rent cars and here in Florida where I’ve come to shoot some s there’s an amazing selection of BMWs. BMWs Maseratis Mercedes Porsches. Porsches but I said I want something more ridiculous so I got An. an h2 now I rented this h2 thinking it was the most embarrassing vehicle you could drive around on today’s roads and I’ve spent three days driving at hundreds of miles Around. around Florida and I’ve reached one conclusion I was right it is the most embarrassing vehicle you can drive around on today’s roads now to hear more of my experience Driving.

driving this hilarious thing throughout Florida for a few days click the link below to Check. check Out.

out my column on oversteer right now I’m gonna give you a little tour of the h2 the main reason it’s so embarrassing Is. is that the hunter h2 was aimed at people who thought the real Hummer was cool but they couldn’t quite afford one so it was a real Hummer and styling sort of and not in capability imagine a Car. car that looks a Ferrari.

Ferrari but Drives. drives the cart in The