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Favorite Ford Gt Background With 8 Pictures

called belladonna it started I was a Ford GT but man it’s it’s gone a long way since then those are cool cars but this one’s Even. even cooler so I hope that the background doesn’t screw it up if so it’ll be a but it was way too cool to walk by so anyways this one talking about dude that’s way cool man that’s crazy cool there look at that it says a Ford GT yeah Holy Smoke Bronies.

bronies and that’s cool here’s what we Got. got proxies are a teeny it’s it’s a tire that is wearing though I don’t Know. know what that kind of harness is this insane it’s gotta be started with a Ford. Ford GT I mean You. you can see that In. in there but I don’t know man widebody kidding all right that’s a GT hood badass that’s Freaking. freaking cool it’s one of those cars is so cool you don’t wanna walk away from it you know ohad be I don’t Know.

know how to be to drive on the street Looks.

looks a little funky for that look how the exhaust comes out man it’s for exhaust tips two on each side stacked up that belladonna this Guy. guy he’s a climber Itin.

itin right another doors open but he’s getting this side excuse brother yeah so anyways there You. you Go. go belladonna SEMA 2014 hope y’all Enjoyed. enjoyed it see you you