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Favorite 20 Dodge Charger Hellcat Wallpaper Good Looking

unreasonable one of the most sensible cars in the world it has 7 117 hp 881 newton meters a 6.2 liter v8 and on top of that a supercharger today there is the current dodge charger hellcat have fun. . applause . let’s start as always with the key and this time it’s actually something very special because not only does it say srt on the back with a little hellcat but look at the color this key Is.

is red because for this vehicle and for all hellcats, for example also for the Challenger. challenger hellcat, there are two keys, the red and the black key and before I explain to you what these two keys do, I have one, please take a look at the description, there is a link to Our.

our instagram profile asphalt and also To. to the instagram profile of alex and also of kai who is helping us again today With. with the wells I would be really happy if you drop by there if there are always great photos of the cars on the asphalt instagram . and some detailed information in advance back to the keys the red key switches the Dodge. dodge charger here holds the full 7 117 hp and 881 newton Meters. meters free the black key, on the other hand, only 500 hp, although I naturally ask myself when I make two keys where one releases less Power,.

power, why does the black key still release 500 hp that is Still. still enough To