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Favorite Mazda Cx 30 Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

cx 30 burns petrol through a diesel compression at a starting price of around 27,000 290 euros mazda positions. the 630 between 63 and 65 the dimensions are more similar To. to the mazda 3. 3 it is 440 long and one meter eighty wide in height it towers above the compact one there is 430 liters of luggage space in the trunk of the suv again. seats contribute to The.

the test car price of 35 1400 euros the 8.8inch. infotainment system with navigation a headup display and the leather steering wheel are standard from the basic model onwards. the motor is also from the gear tuning so it really takes a long time so at 3000 rpm we apply the maximum torque and then there is a bit of a rubber wall when the rest of the. car world Says. says we build downsized engines with turbochargers according to mazda we do that completely different we don’t do any downsizing if you don’t have a turbo yet in This. this case it is a small compressor That. that works and we try to transfer The. the diesel combustion process to the petrol engine what do they do exactly for that you open the Plastic. plastic card let’s look at the engine you Can. can see It.

it ‘s relatively complicated what you Don’t. don’t see is that what happens inside and that’s what’s more exciting because I didn’t Ignite. ignite any ignition Spark. spark myself and simply because of the pressure that occurs in the cylinder in the combustion Chamber,