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Best 9 Good View Chevy Camaro Wallpaper

only seen on american shores the camaro zl1 it’s a muscle car as exciting as it is rare so when you have a chance to experience one outside of its natural Habitat. habitat that’s an opportunity you surely have to grab with both hands oh my god this car is an absolute Maniac. maniac listen to that exhaust it’s just wild back through a cloud at my Old.

old spot can’t see A. a thing wow Applause . the 60 000 zl1 is a track focused step up from the basic camaro where the entry level ls has a fourcylinder engine and Other. other models a v6 the zl1 pulls out all the stops with A. a 6.2 liter lt4 supercharged v8 standard cars produce 640 horses and 868 newton meters but this particular example is not your average Zl1. zl1 this zl1 has been modified the engine has an upgraded air intake and throttle body an lt4 supercharger and a stage 2 3port methanol injection kit and the results are explosive power is up way up the standard car made 650 horsepower but this thing now makes 770. by default it did naught to 62 in about 3.5 seconds but this obviously it’s a lot angrier oh it’s so punchy coming out of the corners i remember driving the hardcore track focused zl11le at willow springs in california with sabine schmitz she pushed me to my Limits. limits trying to get me to get the car to its limits and i remember even on that Track