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10 Photos Ferrari Wallpaper

is the ferrari sf90 first appeared may 2019 so it’s been around a while and i’ve taken my time before actually you um getting to drive this car because i’ve insisted that i Would. would Only. only test it on my usual rows etc and i’m very lucky to say i’ve had this for a few days now and Guys. guys a car to Get. get your head around there’s so much detail on this car but the headline figure is obviously the thousand Horsepower.

horsepower the first Thousand. thousand horsepower ferrari and it does that with its turbocharged v8 and three electric motors there’s so much to discuss in the car let’s go and have a closer look because i want to deep dive into the tech on here it’s almost a tradition when i get a ferrari press car in to discuss the price on it this one lists at 374 420 pounds but with the extras on This. this car you’ll be amazed to hear the actual price on the road of this example 523 thousand four hundred and sixty pounds huge uplift thirty nine thousand three hundred and sixty pounds on the optional extra is the assetto firano kit that’s fitted to This. this car and there’s quite a number of detail changes because of that kit the most i suppose on the outside you do get some extra carbon but you also get this sort of gurney flat aggressive rear spoiler and when we look inside carbon door cards rather than a Sort