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picture this it’s 1993 we’re in Japan you pull up to a stoplight in your brandnew ferati you’re probably listening to woof there it is and What. what pulls up next to you on the line but a fourdoor sedan with fog lights and a bigass spoiler a little sedan next to you apparently not understanding that you’re in a Ferrari revs his engine it’s so cute you laugh light Turns. turns green what just happened you my friend just met yourself a Lancer Evolution And. and your life will never be the same again this is everything you need to Know. know to get up to speed on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution the Mitsubishi Lancer. Lancer was introduced in 1973 small fuelefficient kind of boring In.

in the 70s and 80s Mitsubishi decided they wanted to improve their global image with motorsport and their Sport. sport of choice rally They.

they gave the little Lancer a bigger motor and took it racing and it did well This. this was the dawn of Mitsubishi becoming one of the most iconic names in rally by the late 80s Mitsubishi was developing a group B program with an Allwheeldrive.

allwheeldrive version of their story on yeah that group be the star II on prototype performed well but before the car was fully developed Group B was outlawed following a number of fatal crashes in 1985 and 86 Mitsubishi was left with an almost fully developed racecar but nowhere to race it so if your Mitsubishi what do you do well you Make. make lemonade You. you take the drivetrain from the stereo and you toss it under AG. AG lawn and you enter it in group a though the Glatt performed well from 1988 until 1992 but European rally stages suddenly got too tight for a big fat sedan and a number of manufacturers switched to smaller more agile platforms Ford replaced the Sierra with the escort Subaru the legacy with the Impreza Toyota the Celica with the Corolla and Mitsubishi the gallant with the __ Lancer baby guess who’s back in town dad and I have an earring now in true Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi fashion they took the guts of the Glock and put it in the smaller lighter Lancer but they couldn’t just call it a Lancer I mean the Lancer.

Lancer is a boring economy car you’re driving a project car baby Mitsubishi she’s project car this thing Had. had allwheel drive A.

a Big. big turbo racing suspension Aero it’s an evolution of the Lancer that’s a good name let’s call it that this is the Lancer Evolution to conform with Class A regulations 2500 road cars Had. had to be produced in October of 1992 the first Lancer Evolution ones showed up in the Japanese showrooms the initial run sold out in less than three days the RS. RS version came with No.

no power windows no power seats no antilock brakes no rear wiper and steel wheels basically no frills but what it did come with was all wheel drive and a 244 horsepower Version