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7 Photos Wallpaper Mobil Supra Good Looking

Chanel, official name is Toyota Jr. Supra Z is short for gazu racing. This is the fifth generation that has been eagerly awaited. Why because it turns out that the Director. director is one of The. the legendary models from Toyota and has been in the world since 1978 and until 2002 did. not stop for successive Generations.

generations until the Fourth.

fourth Generation. generation but after the fourth generation there was a gap of about 17 years until finally this car appeared and this is. the fifth generation Toyota GL Supra and we have been given the opportunity to test in the long term hi hi more Oh, Just. just for info, we. have made a of the first impression and also the first drive of this car at the Sentul Circuit for that , you can see the link above or in the description. Now we will concentrate more on the taste of this car,. this car looks as if it was designed not to use plate n omer at least Doesn’t. doesn’t use Indonesian number Plates. plates because one doesn’t have a holder so it uses insulock and Pratomo which has to be bent so it’s very strange that this car looks more appropriate without A. a license plate. If abroad, a car may not use a front number plate as long as it’s on The.

the back but if it’s inside Indonesia must exist so that it has to be made this, forced it’s no secret that this Toyota GL Supra has The. the exact same base as the latest generation BMW Z4 So. So if you see The. the body shape is similar to The. the Rector, try removing this roof then he deserves to be a Rockstar with the hood which is very long and the rear overhang is short, but in shape it is completely different from the BMW Z4. This design is inspired by The.

the Toyota FT1 concept car, the ice shape invites controversy, some say it’s really ugly, some us for the first time seeing this car, hah okay The new Supra looks a bit weird but s after seeing All. all the details Hi wow exotic and sexy this car you. have to see it in person Because its beauty is only seen when you see it directly not through the camera then because it has a base with a substance for it is exactly the same body code is also a bit unique First generation Supra body code A50 then continued the second generation 60708090 called the A90 at the time of its first appearance for a promotion To. to inform the world public that this car is the fifth generation of The. the Toyota Supra but besides the A90 this car also has a body code of j29 Why j29 because of the. BMW sector that as the Base.

base it has the body code g29 so 29 is taken but if the BMW setprom uses the letter g this Toyota Supra uses the letter Hai J Hai believes saying that This