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Favorite 8 Pictures Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Wallpaper

is the single most powerful SUV ever manufactured let me put that in context I recently made a with the Mercedes G 65 AMG. AMG and that Thing. thing has a v12 in fact a twinturbocharged v12 this has more power and not just a little more power this midsized SUV built in Detroit has 90 more horsepower than a twinturbocharged v12 Mercedes today I’m going to show you around It. it first a little background the numbers the Jeep Grand Cherokee track Hawk has a supercharged v8 with 707 horsepower in 645 poundfeet of torque and a Jeep Grand Cherokee it starts around eighty seven eighty eight thousand dollars it’ll do 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds it’ll do the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds And. and it’ll top out at a hundred and eighty miles an hour in a Jeep Grand. Grand Cherokee which begs the question how did this happen there have been highperformance Grand Cherokee models for years starting with the 5.9.

5.9 limited in 1998 then in 2005 there was the original Grand Cherokee srt8 which had 420 horsepower which seemed a crazy amount at the time the current Grand Cherokee SRT has 470 horsepower which really is crazy it’ll do 0 To.

to 60 and 4.4 seconds this is for people Who.

who think that is a little mundane but of course it isn’t quite that simple Chrysler developed this 700.

700 horsepower engine for the Challenger Hellcat and then they figured why limit it to the Challenger so they Stuck