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Best 11 Nice Pictures Supra Mk4 Wallpaper

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old man is in nice runs well runs. achievements will now be as healthy as today we are this far as 700 hp as sometimes i want to Show.

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and then we’ll go to the test bench again And. and then we’ll drive Right. right away And.

and then it would be the first super mk4 Where. where he really drives normal normal. To.

to strictly normal also normal couples everything is normal and that’s great for all Of. of us after such a time quite strong exactly and then we’ll have a look and then he can also direct what I see and then we Can. can do great things for you makes feeling 1000 years we Measure. measure that means who knows see you soon a beautiful engine i’m dedicated to the it’s really sexy we Had. had an extreme loss of traction in the first run you can see that here and we had 600 59 hp and 7 140 newton meters then we drove the whole time warmed up a bit then we got 7 135 hp and 700 93 newton meters. as well as 800 newton meters with The. the very very very wide plateau which people really very sluggish old bad turbochargers because again and again we can. drive From. from four and a half to 7000 newton meters we have about 800 newton meters when you shift gears full throttle in eight months with a chopdriven light old car what goes with the performance curve is also really super cool upwards that part of the church completely negligible yes And.

and there is a performance test of 69 to 7000 Usual. usual people with Large. large symbols that they Are.

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