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10 Images C43 Amg Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

you here new four cylinder engine for the mercedes c43 so the cclass as the new amg version and this is the strongest fourcylinder from series production 408 horsepower from a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine plus the mild hybrid boost so to speak and also supposed to be more efficient from with this mild hybrid system and the interesting thing is here they put formula one technology in there look at this here this is the turbocharger and it is electrically powered So.

so it has no turbo lag at all but can deliver the turbocharging at all times even at low rpms this is supposed to be the advantage and acceleration figure will be something around four and a half second seconds so faster than the actual six cylinder but what about all the visual parts look at that here we have the typical amg front grille vertical Fins. fins here and if you Pick. pick the knight package then you can also see they are also even darkened out also in the lower part right here so very strong front styling and you can also see the power dome structure here these you know design elements that Make. make a very very strong appearance almost looks a grownup eclass amg now Doesn’t.

doesn’t it headlamps led Are. are Optional. optional the socalled digital light and also with projecting projecting functions here for the high beam 4 meter 75 or 178 inches is the length of this new cclass generation here the amg Model