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that sam has been able to let me use the ute while i work out exactly what i want to replace this thing with what’s up guys hope you’re all having an amazing day and welcome back to the s where today we are going to be putting back together the rx7 and it came in perfect timing because you guys would have seen our last skyline unfortunately uh has left us we got a guy picking it up today so uh if i’m a little bit sad In. in this please try and understand why i absolutely love this Car. car and hopefully One. one day i might be able to Buy. buy it back but we’ll see probably not anyway i have some super super baller parts that i haven’t shown You.

you guys just yet for the rx7 now this might take you back a little bit you might think i’m redoing the entire Lot. lot but believe it or Not. not this Is. is all the pipe work that we’ve just gone and had hpc coded and it looks just incredible so this right here is the original manifold that dan fabbed up for us the uh the venta atmosphere um wastegate as well as the turbo housing the dump pipe and i got the turbo back as well which i’m super super stoked about now um yeah it’s all black now so i’m gonna start working on the engine bay and basically start to make everything look a little bit More