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Top 9 Flash Mcqueen Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

wait second daryl mcqueen is in the wreckage there’s no way that rookie can make it through not in one piece that is Look. look at that the queen made it through man a spectacular move by lightning mcqueen yeah good job mcqueen attire go go go go go he’s lost another tire the king and checkers coming Up.

up fast they’re entering turn three come on i don’t believe what i’m watching bob lightning mcqueen is a hundred feet from his piston cup The. the king and chick rounding turn four this is it we’re heading into the final lap And. and mcqueen is right behind the leaders what a comeback 199 Laps. laps and baby it all comes down to this this is it kiddo we got four turns left one at a time drive it In. in deep and hope it sticks go mcqueen’s going inside chick and the king Are.

are Loose. loose i think mcqueen is out of the race he’s back on the track oh no Applause what’s he up to doc what are you doing kid I.

i think the king should finish his last race You. you just gave up the Piston.

piston cup you know then ah this grumpy old race car no one’s told me something it’s just an empty cup daryl is pushing on the last lap legal hey Man. man he’s not really pushing him he’s just giving him a little bump draft hey what what’s going On