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high and performance so we create the most extensive extraordinary driving experience ever and in this spirit we developed cars the bugatti divo The. the chientodiechi and lavoityonwar but we also developed the bugatticion family by extending the level of performance on one hand side we have the world record breaking card the bugatti chiron super sport 300 plus and on the other extend we Have. have the agile handling Oriented. oriented bugatti chiron pure sport but bugatti never stands still so i Was.

was asking Myself. myself from the very beginning what if so what if we could Unleash. unleash the Power.

power completely Of.

of our w16 engine What. what if we could reduce the weight to A. a minimum and what would be the result In. in terms of weight to power ratio on one hand side but at the End.

end Of. of the day what could be the performance of the car and exactly this was my briefing what if and the Response. response of the team was incredible a fantastic car the bugatti bullied So. so ladies and gentlemen now we want to show you the car the bugatti Bollid. bollid and the man who is going to go on the discovery journey for us is andy wallace ciao andy and he won once le mans and he Was. was twice the fastest man on earth so i want to send you on A. a journey and the audience should see with your eyes this fantastic car and you’re going to meet our r D.

d boss stefan elrod and our Chief. chief designer akhimanshad and i’m curious about your feedback so good luck and see you soon thank you let’s go and meet stefan he’s going to show us the underpinnings of the belied i wonder how far bugatti will go this time further than we ever did before andy a very warm welcome here bugatti engineering thank you very much great to see you so what if what if we take our w16 8 liter capacity engine and make a very radical concept out of that the result is the bugatti boulet and we simulated A.

a lot with that card and the results are breathtaking staggering to Achieve.

achieve this you have to have a lot of innovations material wise conceptwise in the car for example this one auxiliary shaft we have here the auxiliary shaft brings the power from the gearbox back To. to the rear axle and it’s a hybrid part made out of carbon fiber And. and with titanium fittings half the weight but twice as strong as the dragon one and to think it can take all that force yeah and if we Walk. walk around there’s another part i have to show you So.

so this is the part of a front suspension’s double wishbone suspension and this is the push rod and yeah it’s printed out of titanium incredible because it weights 100 gram and The. the wall thickness varies between 0.5 and 1 millimeters it has an inner structure printed in our structure And. and the breaking force of that Part