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Favorite 9 E60 M5 Wallpaper Good Looking

yes we are doing the first drive on the e60 m5 today i know it’s a few weeks overdue but it is what it is you might remember we did The. the rod bearings in the previous update and prior to that we did the injectors so i’m a bit more confident to take Out. out on The. the roads and not use a recovery truck just to you know Carry. carry everywhere Essentially. essentially you need to actually drive the thing but first things first in neutral start this thing up it’s practically silent so that’s a semi warm start but that’s a stock exhaust on an s85 v10 now the plan for today’s We’re.

we’re just gonna get some gopros hooked up and just head out on some familiar country roads there’s not gonna be too much hardcore diy or jobs being done but i will be carrying on in the next update i’ve got A.

a bunch of oem plus parts i want to Fit. fit and there’s some other checks that i want to do so yeah the car is not totally Perfect.

perfect but it’s okay for us to get our first impressions and yes an exhaust upgrade is arriving sooner than you think right folks so here we are on a country road in the e60 m5 there’s no warning lights in the dash so far so it’s all good now there is one other thing i just want to Mention. mention when i got the rod rings done there isn’t Actually