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Best Mk3 Supra Wallpaper With 7 Pictures

mark three subra now the marks three just any other soup runs not a light car it’s about 3,600 pounds so it’s about a thousand pounds heavier than my mr2 actually which seems a lot but when you’ve got over 700 horsepower at the wheels when you’ve got the 800 in 276 horsepower going To.

to two wheels back there you really don’t notice The. the weight And. and in fact at that point it kind of helps move trip very good thing transmission feels very solid really nice oh Geez. geez we had a little bit of wheelspin at the top of second there as you would expect running to 75 SL back which to be honest in the car that makes a 76 at the wheels that Is. is a skinny tire let’s be honest here anything over 700 wheel you really need a 305 315 to really be Able. able to be confident that even in a second or third year pole you’re going to be able to put that power down to the road hooked up in second there Wow that’s really really incredibly smooth so it’s really weird actually just looking at the mark three gauges and seeing the Redline. redline of the original seven M. M twinturbo she just passed 6,000 rpm then I. I go to ask Jeff hey hey man . I need to know what the Redline. redline is here he’s Oh 7800 rpm so for me rolling up the Rev. rev range and going deep Into. into the redline psychologically it’s Just.

just a really weird feeling to get used to hi my name is Jeff this is my 1990 Toyota Supra originally bought it bone stock In. in 2011 lasted about probably six months with The. the stock motor before I did the swap so When. when I bought it stock the two J it came with the twins on it and everything else that came with the motor it was quite ugly to be honest I’ve had wiring and different sensors and stuff all over it basically stripped It. it down bought a manifold for a single turbo put a BorgWarner s 363 on it took it over to independent speed shop for some ECU and wiring and some tuning made about 563 I think it Was. was first round so we had it At. at that power level for a Little.

little while so we had it probably 563 for maybe four or five months before I wanted more after a few months of driving it it it actually doesn’t feel fast anymore you get used to the power level and you just crave more so new injectors a few other little mods to bump up the power a bit bigger turbo s 366 we got up to about 650 had it there for probably About. about a year or so wanted more again I do have to put this out there we’re running at just over 700 at the wheels right now so I’m.

I’m not feeling a full force of 876 And