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Top 12 Good View Old Porsche Wallpaper

ladies and it is new car day i have succumbed to a very impulse purchase i was perusing the internet the other night and Actually. actually i was sent this on a whatsapp group an aston martin owners group that i’m still on the whatsapp group for which i shouldn’t still be on because I. i don’t have an aston martin but this car was fired in there and it uh stole my heart it peaked my interest and i’d had a wine and i thought i want that so here we are we’re in where where Are. are we we’re in coalville in leicester at lusso veloci because i Am. am coming to collect yet another old porsche I. i just want to show you a couple of things before i head inside and get this fully underway you will have heard and seen becky we’ll also be seeing more of her in a second so hold Your. your horses no say no it’s to the to the camera becky please involve yourself in this we’ve got two very special cars outside Yes. yes so there’s brothers that own luso velocity anyway well they’ve got the same surname so presumably they’re brothers and i know they’re not married to each other so this is their db2 anyway they did the millie miglia in uh 55 odd year old car and they were saying this thing They.

they actually built the engine the race engine and whatever that’s in there they did the whole thing Without