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Top Gtr Wallpaper Phone With 10 Pictures

the country just good morning it’s 11 p.m right now it’s 11 a.m and i have a flight to pennsylvania today gtr sitting pretty In. in the garage those screws Are. are already on the way to fix the wheels by the time i’m back she’ll be good to go number eight so here i am Right. right just Drove. drove my gtr 300 miles i mean it was bound to have Issues.

issues i’m basically in a position where i have to just abandon my liberty walk gtr In.

in dallas texas and find something else to do i mean At. at least until the parts arrive hello let’s get some food you gotta take me there five more minutes this is what we’re gonna be traveling with today we got my scooter camera bag duffel bag with clothes where’s your friend dude i got to be at the airport we actually Got.

got a walk what did you say okay fine geez it’s extremely windy Applause ah and she’s all clean should have a mask In. in here somewhere here it is all right guac silly oh shoot it’s gonna be Chilling.

chilling in the garage thanks to maverick my airport ride has Arrived. arrived the picture hey can you give this to maverick chase thank you sir yes sir we’re getting the full search down i Guess. guess the scooter came up with something when he was doing the hand check They. they went through all my bags and we’re good do tell them How