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that’s out of production you simply bring it back from the dead that’s what tesla is doing with the roadster but the ev maker is Doing. doing much more than just bringing it back because the super electric car is coming back far better the roadster is coming back as a flying Car. car yes you Heard.

heard that right the roadster will fly in this we show you all the updated features the new tesla roadster the king of speed has to offer including flying the tesla roadster is special to tesla the company can trace its success and fortune Back. back to the car and it was not just tesla Because.

because it represented many first for the electric vehicle industry first electric car to use a lithiumion battery check first electric car to offer more than 200 miles driving range check fastest electric car at The. the time check first commercially produced batterypowered supercar check the period tesla made the roadster was a time of quick Design. design and development because even though the company only made About. about 2500 units there were four different versions the first version known as 1.5 was revealed in 2008 and could leap from zero to sixty miles an hour in four point six seconds and achieve a top speed of 125 miles per hour these might not seem enough to ooh and ah about today because the Model. model s will handily beat these records but they were nothing to sneeze At. at back then models The