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Best 8 Ferrari Testarossa Wallpaper Good Looking

of the most beautiful cars they’ve ever made and it still looks amazing today this one’s kindly lent to us by richard it only has 8 000 miles on the clock These. these are fetching A. a huge premium now anywhere from 125 000 pounds upwards now this was made famous by the tv series miami vice they had a white one in that and it is an iconic car even Today. today the original ferrari testarossa was produced from 1984 until 1991 with a 4.9 Liter. liter flat 12 engine producing 385 brake horsepower it was lighter more Powerful. powerful And.

and more Aerodynamic. aerodynamic than the model it replaced those famous side strokes were actually essential to comply with regulations in several countries which banned large opening on cars pininfarina’s styling resulted from placing radiators either side of the engine to reduce heat inside the cabin the testarossa was designed as a grand tourer with aircon as standard and it Had. had a decent front boot and Space. space behind the seats for storage they sold just over 7 000 cars before they launched the first revision in 1992. 1992 named the 512 tr now power had increased to 422 brake horsepower and they are easy to spot as they have much larger alloys they managed to sell 2 280 units before they released the final version in 1994. this third and final version had 440 brake horsepower And. and Very.

very distinctive styling notably the removal of the popup headlights and the Addition.

addition Of. of threepiece split rims however In